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Just think -  your work will be around for generations to come

The construction industry shapes the world we live in. We are designing places and spaces for whole new communities,  how they look and feel, how people will live together in the future.

  • At the end of your career in construction you’ll be able to point to houses and landmark buildings you helped to create. There aren’t many jobs where your work will outlive you, sometimes by hundreds of years.
  • But if you think construction is all tape measures and tool boxes, you will be surprised at how much technology is involved.  The construction industry is always changing and evolving, particularly in response to a greater need for methods that are capable of reducing climate impact.
  • Within the Tara Group, we’re contributing to that new future. We recognise the importance of reducing our energy consumption, supporting homeowners to live a more sustainable life. We’ve been designing and creating our new sustainable homes that will come to market in late 2023.
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Construction plays a vital role in the economy

  • Over 2 million people work in the construction sector, that’s nearly 10% of total employment in the UK.
  • It’s one of the most important sectors of our economy worth over £124 billion in 2021, adding  6% of gross value (GVA) to the UK economy.
  • Added to that, last year the construction industry built 250,000 much-needed new homes for individuals and families across England.
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Construction builds communities

  • Construction brings economic growth with investment to regions and local communities.
  • It brings new businesses to an area, creating jobs and buildings, homes and environments that shape where we live, work and learn.
  • Design and thinking that will outlive us all. 

Think it’s all mud and machinery? Think again.

How we work, how we collaborate and how we build is constantly evolving.  Keeping pace with new technology and digitisation enables us to build with greater efficiency and accuracy. Construction has changed so much over recent years, here are some of the tools shaping the workplace today:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) takes 3D modelling and smart workflows to another level.
  • Lean Six Sigma is transforming resource waste management and improving efficiency.
  • VR is helping people see what the completed project will look like before any digger has even touched the ground.
  • Projects that construction companies deliver are technically complex, engineering feats, design triumphs, inspirational and innovative, places which instil a sense of pride in the places and communities in which they stand.
  • Construction shapes society and we have the opportunity to create a better society. Imagine a career where you can shape the future you leave behind. 
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